We have approximately 150 pupils in the School taught in eight classes, with each year group forming its own class. The School is split into three sections: Lower School (Kindergarten and Reception); Middle School (Years 1-3) and Upper School (Years 4-6)

Lower School and Middle School are taught largely by their own class teacher, as this provides security and continuity although they receive specialist teaching for: Art, French, Music, Swimming and Values and Beliefs. As the pupils become older, we take full advantage of our subject specialists and all subjects are taught by them.

A typical day for a Year One pupil

8.30amI am dropped at school and go to the classroom to start my ‘Morning Work’, an activity I can complete by myself.
8.45amMy teacher takes the register and talks about the day.
9.00amWe have Read, Write, Inc and practise our phonics, reading and writing. We work in small groups. My group has 8 children in it.
10.00amIt is playtime. I can play in the playground and there is time to eat my snack (fresh/dried fruit or vegetables) and have a drink.
10.30amWe have Maths next! We use ‘Maths No Problem!’ and I love it!
11.30amThe next lesson is Verbal Reasoning. We look at lots of word problems and puzzles.
12.00pmTime for lunch. We always have a hot meal and it is really yummy! My favourite is our roast dinner. Every day we can choose from the main meal, or have a jacket potato, or even soup and salad. There is always a pudding too!
12.30pmIt is playtime. I can run around with my friends, play on the equipment, or sit quietly in the Quiet Area. I always have lots of friends to play with.
1.00pmWe have French with Mme Levine. She comes to our classroom and we play lots of games in French.
1.30pmNow it’s time for Science. We have been learning about electricity. We have been using circuits and batteries to make buzzers go buzz!
2.30pmOur last lesson today is Music with Mr Legg. He brings the Djembo drums and we all have a go at drumming patterns together!
3.25pmThe school day ends. If Mummy is late from work, I stay until 5.30pm in Tea and Prep – we can do our homework, have tea and play with any of the toys we like! Or I can do an Extra Mural. There are so many to choose from. This term I am learning Spanish.

A typical timetable for a pupil in Year Five

8.30-8.45amMorning Work
8.45amPSHEE assembly
9.15amEnglish with Mrs Gordon
10.15amMaths with Mrs Howe
11.15amBreak time
11.30amLatin with Mme Levine
12.30- 1.30pmLunch and break
2.30pmArt with Ms Wylde
3.30pmHome time with the option to stay for Extra Murals or Tea and Prep