Kindergarten (children 3-4 years)

Kindergarten (mornings only)£1604.00 per term
Kindergarten (mornings + 3 afternoons)£1892.00 per term
Kindergarten (full day)£2040.00 per term

Pre-Prep (children 4-7 years)

Reception 4-5 years£2225.00 per term
Year 1 5-6 years£2550.00 per term
Year 2 6-7 years£2561.00 per term

Prep School (children 7-11 years)

Year 3 7-8 years£2775.00 per term
Year 4 8-9 years£2818.00 per term
Year 5 9-10 years£3006.00 per term
Year 6 10-11 years£3006.00 per term

Compulsory Lunch Supplement All Year Groups £150.00 per pupil

Please Note

Fees include morning drinks, recorder lessons, music, French, swimming coaching and IT lessons.

Optional After School Classes

We offer many extra mural subjects – full details available on request.

Pre / After School Supervision

8:00am–8:30am£2.00 per session
3:30pm–4.30pm£3.00 per session
3.30pm–5.30pm£7.00 per session (includes drink & snack)

Other Notes

  • Fees are subject to regular review, normally on an annual basis. The school reserves the right to alter the fees as necessary at its discretion.
  • Fees are payable on or before the first day of term.
  • There is a 10% sibling discount payable on the basic tuition fees of a younger sibling and 15% discount on the basic tuition fees of any further younger siblings. This is only given if fees are paid promptly.
  • Fees may be paid by monthly Standing Order.
  • Please contact the School Manager for further detail.