Today, we had an amazing whole school STEM Day!

The children were set the task of building one of the following and try to achieve at least one of the challenges:

  •  an emergency vehicle (Could they make it move? Make the lights flash? Sirens sound?)
  • a bird feeder (Is it weatherproof? Stable enough for several birds to sit on at the same time?)
  • a dragon to celebrate Lunar New Year (Articulated? A puppet? Big enough for all of the family to fit inside?)
  • a castle or fairy house (Have opening doors and windows? A portcullis and drawbridge? To scale with dollies or teddies?)

Everybody had lots of fun using recycled materials form home, decorating their creations and even applying some of their coding skills. What a fantastic day! And, it all finished with a whole school Google Meet where we could show our friends our creations.