Mrs Haworth reports:

Yesterday, the Year 5 children, Mrs Howe, Mrs Leversha, Mr Haworth and myself had a wonderful day. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament. Through the contacts Mrs Howe made on the training course she was invited to last year, she was able to arrange for us to participate in the very limited educational tours that take place at the Palace of Westminster.

We travelled to London by train and had enough time to enjoy the beautiful weather and walk past Trafalgar Square, the Cenotaph, Downing Street and even managed to see the changing of the guard of Horseguard’s Parade.


After a picnic lunch near Big Ben, we enjoyed an afternoon at the Houses of Parliament which included a tour of both Houses with opportunities to sit in both public galleries, and a behind the scenes look at life in the Palace of Westminster. This was followed by an interactive workshop on voting and representation which was excellent.  An uneventful train journey home with impeccably behaved children got us back to Bournemouth at 7.00pm having had an incredible day and one that will be remembered for a very long time.

Some more photos of fantastic day can be viewed in a slideshow by clicking on the picture below: