At the end of the term, Talbot House held ‘180 Challenge Week’, in support of First News’ Cambodia 500 campaign.

First News is a weekly newspaper especially written for young people.  The campaign they are running is for 500 schools or families to sponsor a child in Cambodia for one year.  Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries, where seven out of ten people live in extreme poverty with an average wage for a whole family of just £30 a month.  The charity that First News are working with has built a school where children can go to eat, learn, receive medical treatment and play.   At the end of each month the children take home their pay – rice. (For more information, please see the First News website –

The children of Talbot House undertook to raise £180 to sponsor a child, which will pay for their education, clothing, nutrition, medical and dental care for a whole year.  Each class in the school held their own ‘180 Challenge’ :

The Kindergarten children worked together to complete 180 laps of a circuit on their scooters.

During the course of the week, the Reception class worked their way through 18 activities!  They had fun doing 10 of each activity—shoulder circles, arm swings, spotty dogs, jumps, knee-ups, star jumps, side steps, hopping, touching their toes, rolling a ball, running on the spot, skipping, throwing and catching a ball, balancing beanbags on their heads, kicking a ball, and running around the playground 10 times!

Year 1 certainly had the tastiest challenge!  They made gingerbread men and shared 180 raisins and chocolate buttons to decorate them.

Year 2 also had an activity based challenge. They  worked their way around a circuit of 6 activities during their PE lesson, and were challenged to complete 30 repetitions of each activity—and in 30 seconds if they could!

Year 3’s 180 challenge was Lego themed. They were set the challenge of building something of their choice out of 180 pieces of Lego.

Year 4 made the most of the sunshine during the week to complete their challenge—180 ‘skips’ each!

Year 5 & 6 had a sponsored 180-minute netball and benchball challenge, held during their PE lesson and the netball extra mural time.  The sponsorship money they raised will be shared between Campaign 500 and Sport Relief.   Year 6 were also set a challenge in their science lesson!  The task was to build a structure taller than 180mm, using only spaghetti and marshmallows, that could hold the most crème eggs!


We all had a wonderful week of fun, one which will hopefully help to change the life of a Cambodian young person.