Ethos & Culture

Providing a positive atmosphere, giving praise for achievement and progress.
  • The Four Houses

    The Four Houses

    THPS is divided into four houses: Blue Hawks, Yellow Kestrels, Green Falcons and Red Eagles and each pupil is placed in a house. Healthy competition is promoted among the four houses, and it provides an opportunity for leadership. Each half term, house points are added up and the results are announced in assembly.

    The houses provide an excellent opportunity to promote positive behaviour as they encourage motivation and another opportunity to reward pupils. House points are announced at the end of each half term amidst great excitement as a ribbon in the colour of the winning house is worn by a special teddy bear, known as the ‘House Points Bear’. Houses are also given special acknowledgement at significant events such as Prize-giving, Sports Day and the Swimming Gala.

    We choose two House Captains per School House from amongst the Year 6 pupils and these are announced at our annual Sports Day. We have other senior leaders from amongst the Year 6 pupils. Each year at our annual Prizegiving we announce a Head and Deputy-head boy and girl. These are nominated considering the views of staff and votes from amongst Year 5 and 6 pupils.

    Furthermore, in each class there is a roster of responsibilities for helpers or monitors. The duties are taken seriously and children have a sense of pride in carrying out their responsibilities that include delivering messages, helping with drinks at playtime, holding the doors when the class leads through, taking registers to the office and other small jobs.
    We have a THPS School Council whereby two representatives from each Upper School class are elected each term from amongst their peers to be involved in this important leadership development opportunity. The School Council discusses various issues with their own classes and Lower School classes to take forward to their meetings and they also place ‘idea boxes’ in each classroom. This is to give children the chance to think about and discuss ideas, concerns and opportunities. The School Council meets each week during our special Friday Club sessions for one hour each week and representatives stand for half a term, so that over the course of the year we have a number of children who will have had the opportunity to represent their class on the Council. During specific assemblies, the children on the School Council tell us about their work and what they have achieved.

    Other significant events where teams compete are the school swimming gala held in the spring term, and sports day held in the summer term. House points are awarded for academic work, sport and positive achievement in any area of school life due to endeavour and commitment.
  • General Appearance

    General Appearance

    Children wear our uniform with pride and present themselves smartly at all times.
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  • Equal Opportunities

    Equal Opportunities

    Our School values the individuality of all of our children. We are committed to giving all of our children every reasonable opportunity to achieve the highest of standards. The achievements, attitudes and wellbeing of all our children matter. THPS seeks to promote the individuality of all our children, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, attainment, age, disability, gender or background. Our philosophy is that each child should have the chance to develop to his/her full potential.
  • School & Parent Partnership

    School & Parent Partnership

    At THPS, the parents and School enjoy a very good partnership and shared vision, and the children work hard, which is why our School community is so successful. We have a Talbot House Home-School agreement whereby what is generally considered reasonable and appropriate is formalised in a written document and is signed by the School, parents and children.

    Working in partnership with parents is of major value and importance to THPS in enabling it to provide a happy, caring and stable environment for children. We aim to form a good relationship with parents so that information regarding their children (be it developmental, emotional, social or health related) can be exchanged easily and comfortably by staff and parents.

    All year groups throughout the School have a Class Teacher who is responsible for the pastoral care and coordination of learning for the children. As the children approach the upper year groups, an increasing proportion of subjects are taken by specialist teachers, although much of their time is spent with their allocated class teacher, who keeps a close eye on children’s progress assisted by other key staff members in the school.
    If parents have any queries on a day-to-day basis, they are encouraged to have an informal word with the Class Teacher at the end of the day or they may set up an appointment if required. Parents are able to contact the Headteacher with any serious concerns. In addition, the School sends out a weekly newsletter and other notes to parents to keep them abreast of activities, topics, events and relevant issues.

    Parents are given more formal feedback about their children’s progress through the two reports issued each year; in the autumn and summer terms. They are also encouraged to attend the parent meetings that are held each term.
  • Progression
  • School Policies

    School Policies

    Amongst the subject policies and general policies, we also have policies on:

    Attendance, Equal Opportunities, Discipline and Behaviour, Bullying, Safeguarding Children, Health & Safety (including First Aid) and Complaints.

    Many can be accessed from via the parent login facility or downloaded here on the right as PDFs. Alternatively, should you wish to see any of these, full copies are available upon request.

    There have been no formal complaints in the proceeding academic year that have reached Stage 2 or more of the Complaints Procedure.
    Promoting and maintaining good attendance amongst THPS pupils is the responsibility of the Talbot House community; consisting of the parents, staff and pupils. The THPS Community recognises that regular attendance at school is important for the following reasons:

    • Children benefit from attending the lessons necessary to give them a good education and missed lessons may impede their progress.
    • Children have the opportunity to develop socially with other children at school.
    • Children who attend regularly become responsible and develop a consistency that sets a positive pattern for life, where they will develop into responsible adults.
    At Talbot House Preparatory School children are polite and considerate to one another, to staff and any visitors to the school. They also respect people, property and the environment. The School has an escalating system of sanctions to help maintain discipline in a fair manner that may ultimately result in exclusions either fixed or temporary for serious matters of discipline.
    We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and all staff, volunteers and members of the THPS Community are expected to share this commitment.

    We recognise that keeping children and young people safe is paramount and as a school community we have implemented policies and procedures that ensure this is a top priority.
    Talbot House respects your privacy and is committed to protect the personal information that you share with us. Generally you can browse through the School Website without giving us any personal information about yourself. If you choose to request a copy of the School Prospectus then you are required to provide some personal information. The information supplied is automatically emailed to the School, where it is entered on a database holding details of persons enquiring about the School or subsequently pursuing a request for admission to the School for a pupil.

    The purpose of the information is to enable us to contact you and send you a prospectus, and to build up details of potential admissions to the School. The data is only used within the School admissions system, and is not divulged to any third party outside the School, in accordance with current Data Protection legislation.