About Talbot House Preparatory School

  • A word from the Head

    A word from the Head

    "At Talbot House Preparatory School, we take pride in our reputation for providing a quality education, where high academic achievements are achieved in a traditional, happy and successful environment.

    It is our aim that children come to school each day with a desire to learn, a smile on their face, and a motivation to do their very best. Our small class sizes allow our pupils to receive levels of high quality, personalised attention that are more challenging to achieve in larger environments. The children benefit from a team of dedicated staff who are committed to helping each and every child fulfil their potential.

    Good manners, high expectations, an aspiration to succeed and an ethos of respecting and caring for one another, all combine to make Talbot House an exceptional school to which we are all proud to belong and where real learning happens.

    We invite you to visit our school and see first-hand all that we have to offer. I look forward to meeting you and finding out more about your son or daughter."
    Headteacher - Mrs Emma Haworth
    Mrs Emma Haworth
    BA (Hons), PGCE, MA (Ed), ILMP
  • About Talbot House

    About Talbot House

    A sense of community, fostered though positive relationships, mutual respect and good communication.

    Founded in 1969, Talbot House has always had a reputation for high academic standards, good manners and consideration for others, with an excellent success rate for the number of pupils who gain places at the local Grammar Schools, as well as scholarships to local independent schools. The school caters for children from 3 to 11 years of age.

    Talbot House Preparatory School is a warm and happy environment in which to learn. Our children are always reminded about respect and consideration for one another as well as adults and other people.
    We celebrate one another’s individuality and children’s cultural differences are also shared positively. Since we are a small school with small classes, we have a wonderful sense of community and our children are always made to feel that they are important and special. Every child participates in frequent dramatic and musical presentations, which helps build confidence and is hugely enjoyable for the participant and audience.

    Our school assemblies that take place each Friday morning are wonderful opportunities to celebrate our school community. During each assembly we enjoy a talk or presentation. At times we have a visitor from the community but frequently it is a class from the school that takes this part of the assembly. We also have individual musical items performed by children and our pupils are encouraged to bring in certificates or talk about awards or recognition that they have received in activities that may not be associated with the school. The highlight of the assembly is always ‘Pupil of the Week’ where we praise an individual from each class, giving them personal recognition for effort, progress or achievement.
  • Mission Statement

    Mission Statement

    Talbot House School aims to provide a positive environment where children are happy to attend because we offer:
    A sense of community … fostered through positive relationships; healthy friendships; mutual respect; good communication and no tolerance for bullying.

    A positive atmosphere … fostered through encouragement; recognition of progress; praise for all achievement, both academic and non-academic; and a teaching/learning programme that is relevant and inspiring.
    A broad education … developed through a teaching/learning programme that extends beyond the National Curriculum, motivating children so they develop a love of learning, and are inspired to become lifelong learners.

    An attractive environment … maintained through providing a school and learning areas that are pleasant in which to learn. Our children are encouraged to develop responsibility in respecting the school and the environment.


    "Talbot House Preparatory School provides a good education for its pupils. It is organised very efficiently and provides a caring and happy atmosphere where pupils gain self-confidence. Pupils' social and moral development is good. The curriculum is well structured and gives pupils a broad and balanced education that is relevant to their needs. The Foundation Stage curriculum is good and provides the children with a solid base to start their school life. Pupils achieve well, especially in English and Mathematics, with many gaining places at local independent or grammar schools."

    - Summary Report

    What the school does well:

    • it is very well organised;
    • it provides a caring and positive ethos in which all pupils behave well and feel welcome and valued;
    • it provides a broad curriculum enriched with a wide and imaginative range of additional activities;
    • it gives children in the Foundation Stage a secure start to their education.

    Over seventy percent of parents responded to the pre-inspection parent questionnaire. They expressed very high levels of satisfaction with the school with many writing additional favourable comments in support of the school such as

    "…it is a stimulating environment for learning and is led by an excellent, dedicated and enthusiastic headmistress…".

  • Family Owned

    Family Owned

    Family Owned
    Talbot House is part of Broadway Education and is a family owned business. The owners pictured here are Mark and Jo Broadway with their children. Their group of schools also includes St. Michael’s School in Carmarthenshire, Bosworth Independent College in Northampton and Moyles Court School in Hampshire with the core values for all of the schools being academic excellence balanced by a friendly, supportive and caring ethos.
    St Michael

    St. Michael's School

    Moyles Court School

    Moyles Court School

    Bosworth Independent College

    Bosworth Independent College

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